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Wooden grandfather clock — Clock Repairs in Austin, TX
We sell vintage, used, new, and antique clocks in our store (4915 Airport Blvd., Austin, Texas).
All of our clocks come fully repaired to new standards. We back all of our sales with a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Antique Clocks

Step back in time as you view a diverse selection of quality antique clocks from our inventory. We have a fine collection of antique clocks. Antique clocks include American antique clocks; Seth Thomas, Gilbert, Ansonia, New Haven, Ingraham, Waterbury, just to name a few. European antique clocks, including many French, German and English manufacturers such as Marti, Mauthe, Junghans, Kienzle, Gustav Becker, Japy and more. We have some true collector's clocks, fine Art Deco pieces, as well as quality vintage clocks.
We are a family business that has been buying and selling antique clocks since 1964. We hope to provide you with great value and service, friendly and knowledgeable sales and restoration staff. Whether you are a true collector or simply wanting the right clock to decorate your house with, we hope you will take the time to look through our inventory. We have all styles of antique clocks; grandfather, wall clocks, mantle clocks. Clocks were made in a multitude of styles and myriad sizes and types of movements.
As a clock gets older, it becomes more collectible. After an item reaches the age of 100 it is considered a “real antique”. The supply of good quality old clocks is decreasing, due to attrition (attrition being forces beyond control, such as fire, poor storage, etc). Our inventory changes as we are actively looking for old clocks to restore, so please check back from time to time and see what we have.

Antique Clocks For Sale


Joan of ARC Statue Clock

French figural mantle clock. Circa 1900 Jeanne D'Arc statue by Rousseau, signed on base. Marble base housing, with porcelain dial. Strikes hour and half hour on a bell. $1100.00

French Brass Mantle

Solid brass Japy Freres & Cie Medalille d' Honneur mantle clock. The case is very elaborate with griffins and intricate designs scattered semi-precious stones. Strikes hour and half hour on a bell. $2950.00

Waltham Clock Company

Solid mahogany case with maple inlays throughout. Fan inlay in top of door has mother of pearl accents. Every aspect of this clock has been restored. This is a hour and half hour strike on a large coil gong. This whole clock is American made, and from around 1915. $6500

Used/Vintage Clocks For Sale


Viking Clock Company 9 Tube

Beautiful hand crafted solid oak case. NEW 9-tube, triple chime, with automatic night off Urgos movement. If you always wanted a 9 tube but didn't want to pay the 7k plus price; here is your chance to get one in like new condition for considerably less. $2995.00

Gazo Santa Maria

Beautiful Gazo Santa maria wall grandfather clock. Hand carved out of solid alder wood. Heavily etched and embossed weights, pendulum, and dial. New kieninger triple chime with night off mechanical unit.

Gazo La Jolla

Solid alder case with hand carving throughout. Jauch triple chime movement. Etched brass dial and pendulum. Hinged side doors with a patterned frosted glass. $2450

Howard Miller 610-713

Beautiful ambassador edition. Carved open fret work at the top of the case. New mechanical unit. Manufactured around 1995. Originally purchased from us and own by the same loving family for the last 20 years. Case is in near mind condition. $2850

Howard Miller Wall Clock

Solid oak case finished in a very nice white washed stain. New Hermle Westminster chime movement. $395.00

Sovereign Empress

Solid finished in ebony lacquer and olive ash burl. 1 of 1000 made. (the company never made it to 1000) New Urgos triple chime unit, plays Winchester, Whittington, and Westminster. $4750

Trend 1 Weight Regulator

Trend by Sligh. Large 1 weight regulator. Westminster and hour strike. Kieninger RWS movement. Time is weight driven while chime and strike are spring driven. Movement restored. Solid Cherry with olive ash burl accents. $1250