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Time to wake up, in the last century! In an age before cell phones and digital alarms there once was a fantastical device called an alarm clock, with two bells mounted on top that were struck by an oscillating hammer. Why choose this dynamic motion vintage clock puzzle? Everything in the box: The Vintage Alarm Clock wooden model is ready to assemble right out of the box – no special tools or glue required. Simply follow the illustrated instructions. Both children and adults will enjoy assembling and playing with this toy. Discover mechanics: While this decorative wooden model clock doesn’t actually keep time, the hands of the clock are geared so that one complete rotation of the minute hand advances the hour hand in one position. Beautiful gift: The Vintage Alarm Clock will appeal to fans of retro steampunk design, horology, and anyone who has already enjoyed building the Ugears Steampunk Clock. Are there any clock lovers or watch collectors in your circle of family and friends? Excellent starter model: This model is rated “Easy” for beginners or junior builders, delivers a big decorative payoff, and will harmonize perfectly your shelf or table. Build your satisfying Vintage Alarm Clock DIY model. Start your collection of wooden models today.